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We are activists who know that music is more than pleasurable sound. It's a powerful language to educate and connect us and remind us of our strength and history. Throughout history, struggles for labour and human rights have produced music that inspires and reconnects us to hope and possibility.

We practice on Sundays with choir director, Earle Peach. For further information phone Call Carol Crabtree @  604-730-6906 or email her at General Information or you can check the choir's practice schedule - click on "Events" above


We, The Solidarity Notes Labour Choir, are a group of people who share a progressive labour, political and social agenda, and who advance this agenda through our dedication to singing together. Our goals are:

To give voice to the wealth of progressive music from different current and historical struggles around the world.
To inspire each other and those with us in struggle to believe, to fight, and to have hope.
To show solidarity with those in struggle, no matter how large or small the audience or the venue, and regardless of their ability to pay.
To bring together activists and supporters from different movements to work together and learn about one another.
Through our collective will, to take specific actions to better the world.