Solidarity Notes Labour Choir is a group of activists who know that music is more than pleasurable sound. It’s a powerful language to educate and connect us and remind us of our strength and history. Throughout history, struggles for labour and human rights have produced music that inspires and reconnects us to hope and possibility.
Our repertoire consists of labour songs and songs of social justice. The songs balances a sense of history with a desire to sing and inspire the movements of today. We sing songs from past centuries to the present. We look around the world for inspiration. Usually we sing in English, but we also sing in French, Spanish, Yiddish, Arabic, Mandarin, Zulu and Tagalog.
We perform on picket lines, at rallies, conventions, conferences, memorials, and benefits – wherever our music can contribute to social progress.
We have sung with Utah Phillips at the Vancouver International Folk Festival, with the Seattle Labour Chorus at the Paul Robeson Memorial Concert, for Fidel Castro in Cuba, at the Western Workers Heritage Labour Festival in San Francisco, at the Pacific Northwest Labor History’s Association’s Wobbly Festival in Seattle, at the Princeton Traditional Music Festival in Princeton, BC and at Miners’ Memorial Day in Cumberland, BC. However, we are most commonly found singing in Vancouver, on picket lines, at peace marches, demonstrations, memorials and social justice benefits.
We are ordinary people who like to sing and contribute to social change.
Some kudos from students in a Grade 12 Social Justice class at Alpha Secondary School in Burnaby, BC where we sang in December of 2017:
“Thank you so much for performing for our class and informing us about what you all stand for.”
“The performance was amazing to listen to and I loved how passionate everyone was…”
“Thank you for sharing these inspirational songs. You guys reminded us that we still live in a world with hope and love. Continue fighting for justice.”
“…it was inspiring to hear these messages being spread through music!”

Kinder Morgan demonstration Westridge Terminal, Burnaby January 13, 2018