27 thoughts on “Museum of Vancouver “Happy Hour”

  1. Yes. Pat. Alto.
    Driving from east Van – 22nd & Renfrew. Can stop at Renfrew (& 12th) or Commercial skytrain stns to pick up.

  2. Since the date for this gig has now changed, I’m a maybe. Am on the ‘will take space if there’s a cancellation’ list for a coach trip to Bella Coola leaving town July 22nd
    PC. Alto.

  3. NO – oops just realized I bought tickets for a show on same night – Peggy (Tenor)

  4. What is the song list? I might have a tenor from another choir that might want to sing with us. Thanks, Peggy (Tenor)

  5. Yes. Have obtained the day off for this evening with the stars. wardbass. Thursday, the 25th of July is now my summer vacation. No europe for me.

  6. Will be at gig. Not practice (folk festival). Can give Allan a ride there and back. Andrew B

  7. UPDATE: Yes: Stephen, Tenor. I can’t make the Sunday rehearsal because of Folkfest.

  8. ok. But I will miss last rehearsal this Sunday because of a social commitment. I will review “Water for Life”. I know the other stuff.

  9. Very sorry to flip-flop like this, but work schedule has changed and participating at the VM will be too much for me. I’ll have to back out. Sorry–was really looking forward to it! Barbara W-S

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