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To book the choir for a performance, three weeks notice is appreciated whenever possible. We require disability access for both audience and performers at all events where we sing.

Our performance fees vary, depending on an organization’s ability to pay. Larger fees allow us to perform on picket lines, at memorials and benefits for little or no cost.

Social Justice workshop for high schools in the lower mainland

We provide this workshop for Social Justice and other interested classes in the lower mainland. The format is participatory, with visual images and songs sung by a dozen choir members and the students. They are introduced to music that played an important part in the labour movement, the anti-apartheid struggle, protests against the Vietnam War, Civil Rights marches, feminist awareness, conflicts in international contexts such as Chile, and contemporary environmental activism.

Students also hear firsthand from individual choir members who were involved in these events and causes. Many young people do not know the songs familiar to an older generation. They respond with curiosity and enthusiasm, as some of them are discovering for themselves the power of music, and especially singing together, to draw attention to social justice causes and bring together those fighting for a better world.

Click to hear us singing in a Grade 12 Social Justice class at Alpha Secondary School in Burnaby, BC in December of 2017.

And some kudos from students from this event:

“Thank you so much for performing for our class and informing us about what you all stand for.”

“The performance was amazing to listen to and I loved how passionate everyone was…”

“Thank you for sharing these inspirational songs. You guys reminded us that we still live in a world with hope and love. Continue fighting for justice.”

“…it was inspiring to hear these messages being spread through music!”

If you would be interested in having a workshop in your class, fill out the contact form below.

To book us, fill out the contact form: