To find the music for the songs that we sing, click here. The songs are divided into alto, bass, soprano, and tenor, as well as an mp3 of all the parts together.
To open a song:
  • find your part
  • left click on it
  • highlight the DOWNLOAD arrow (not the “open” one) and left click on it.
 That will download the song into the download file on your computer and open it in whatever music program you use to listen to music.
You’ll also notice a file called “sheet music” — here you’ll find paper versions of the songs — both words and music that you can print out.
Any questions, contact us at solidaritynotes[at] (replace the [at] with @)
Choir members and friends are invited to submit new songs for consideration — contact us.
Give us a listen — “Voting Song” by choir member Cathy Busby … “You’ve Got To Vote”